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Daddy Do Right is the story of a baller and shot caller named
John Drake.  He believes he is God’s gift to woman.  In Daddy Do
Right, he’s presented as a meticulous womanizer who vainly
plays games with the woman in his life.  He toys with their
feelings, expectations, and ultimately the most vulnerable
product of many of his fly by night unions, their children.  He
finds out as the story unwinds that the game he’s playing can’t
be won.  He's forced to play a new game, one that jolts him into
realty and forward to what may be his greatest success.  An
interesting point made by this author is what happens to men
when they don’t grow up to face the reality of fatherhood.  Her
story suggests that their growth is somehow stunted just as the
child’s is when they don’t step up and do the right thing.  Her
writing is crisp and seamless and puts the reader into the middle
of the action.  There are some very funny moments and if you’re
a parent you’ll remember when you were where he is.
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The Sharecropper's Daughter is about an interracial girl born in
South Carolina in the early 1930's.  The narrative begins before
she is born and intertwines through the complicated yet heart
-warming relationship between her mother, who is black and her
father, who is white.  The book spans her childhood in Harlem,
New York, and her eventual love affair with Theo, a boy who
grew up without a clear connection to his own mother, yet
yearns for a family that he can call his own, which he finds in
Frank Lee.

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